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My first and only brand of jerky was a bison jerky I got at Whole Foods, unfortunately the name escapes me. It's pretty pricey so I don't get it all that often any more, it's about $10 a bag but it's delicious and comes in a few different flavors like peppered, teriyaki, and sweet'n'spicy. That particular brand preserves its meat in soy sauce and sugar, so it's completely natural.

Jerky of all types can be high in sodium, but the trade-off with protein usually makes it worth it. If you drink a lot of water it can balance out the salt. What you want to watch out for with jerky is nitrates/nitrites, since these are the same chemicals found in air pollution and are linked to heart disease. They're the reason I try to avoid cured meats they are almost always preserved with synthetic nitrates.
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