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Hi there
I can hand on heart say that 1 of the ways to succeed is to have a positive mindset and people to talk to on the good/bad days. When I started Fitday I was so overwhelmed at how everyone understood what my battle was because many of us have felt and been n the same place. That for me was key- there's been nothing worse for me than trying to explain my battles with food, self esteem, binging with people who think I'm over reacting. At fitday people read my mind and just know the full story. I've made friends with people who as strange as it seems live so far away but connect with me much more through the things that really matter.

Share how you're feeling, don't be ashamed about anything and we will all help you through your journey.

I used to be 16st 10lb, with healthy diet and exercise I lost 6 stone and only in the last year I have gained a stone back, now I'm back I have no doubt that I will lose it again. I'm 3 stone away from goal!!

Good luck, jump on the forums as often as you like and we will do this together!!
Start Weight- 234lbs (16st 10lb)

Current weight-171lb (12st 3lb)

New Countdown losses-6lb

1st goal - 167lbs (11st 13lb)
2nd goal- 150lbs (10st 10lb)

Final Goal Weight- 135lbs (9st 7lbs)
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