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I am not what you might call a success story, but I will encourage you. Try and try again. Take each moment in its full golden wonderfulness. I wanted to lose 50 pounds to go to my high school reunion and look "great" I motivated myself by buying expensive non-refundable tickets to the events. By two weeks until the reunion I had lost 3 and felt awful trying to find a dress in the 2X or 3X rack. I didn't want to go. I did and people looked at me and laughed and made comments.BUT I DIDN'T DIE. It made me stronger and strengthened my resolve to do this for myself. I deserve to be fit. You deserve to be fit. Take it slow. Concentrate on being healthy instead of losing weight. FitDay says being FIT is the most important thing, it isn't called "SkinnyDay". These great resources will help you become fit. You will have a fit back, fit knees, fit waistline, fit blood vessels. You are a precious human being in the world and you will be fit soon. Remember the turtle wins the race. You will get there and you are important. Treat yourself like you would treat the most important person in the world, you are that person.
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