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One of my favorite sayings is from TOPS, "Believe in yourself, and it is never too late" My friend says she quit smoking 100 times and the 101 time it worked and she has not smoked for 13 years. You can do it. Look over the whole website, there may be lots new since you were here last. Log in your food and be honest, log in your exercise, be honest, read the articles, get support in the forums. You deserve to be healthy. I am guessing you are special like me. I am guessing your body is an excellent fat maker. Michael Phelps is special, his body is the perfect kind to make an excellent swimmer. Mine is great at making fat out of anything. I am special so I have to eat and exercise in a special way in order to be fit. Deep fried things are not food. You would not eat styrofoam, so why do you eat deep fried things that render it non-food? You deserve to be fit, to have your back stay strong instead of buckling under the fat. you deserve to have pain free knees, you deserve to be able to shop in any store in the mall. You are a person in the world and you deserve to be fully in it. I am so happy you are back. Welcome back a hundred times, or you never know this one may stick.
Good luck.
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