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Thank you for this great post. I hope it helps lots of people. Junk food is something many people are "allergic" to. There are far too many fat and calories and refined flour for many people like you and me can process. We make fat out if it instead because we cannot process any nutrition from junk foods. Some people can, but many people cannot. I am with you, I cannot find any magical way to lose weight. One thing I think about is how I am using up food that other people need. There are people starving in our own United States and here I am obese. I try to remember that when I want to eat too much of something. I think of the faces of hungry people. What I did is I added up my food bills for each month for the past months and then when I am at the doctor recommended weight I will donate the extra money from my new reduced food bill to the food bank. Old food bill subtract the new lower food bill, give the difference to the food bank. I hope that it is a lot of money to help hungry people become fatter and fitter.
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