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Hello Everyone,
I am new to FitDay. I have been told I am going through a hormone change and am just confounded by my inability to lose weight. Doctors have been no help. I have always been the type to take control and lost that weight. This time I was unable to exercise or eat right for two years all the while thinking "when this is over I will quickly lose the weight" WRONG. Since May I have been logging food eaten, exercise logging, pedometer logging, eating fresh, no wheat no dairy no potato no beef low sugar and the list goes on. Yes, I eat oatmeal by 9 AM everyday and do not eat after 9 PM. So far I have lost a whopping .3 pounds. A friend told me about FitDay which says I should be eating a whopping 2100 calories per day...I have been sticking to 1200. Have you been sticking to the suggested calorie count?
Glad to be here.

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