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Depends how you feel. If you can run on an empty stomach first thing in the morning without it affecting the quality of your run, then that's great. Eating beforehand rather than after will not make you burn more calories unless not eating is causing you to cut your runs short for lack of energy.

Personally, I find it very hard to increase mileage and/or speed while on a calorie deficit, losing weight. The only way I have found to counteract that is by having a small snack before my run, or to run in the afternoon or evening a few hours after a meal. Otherwise, running feels harder than it should and I often suddenly get weak after a couple miles and have to slow down or stop even if I'm used to running further. When I'm eating as much as I'm burning, it's not an issue.

If it isn't bothering you, I wouldn't change anything. On the other hand, if you feel like you want to run farther or faster but aren't making progress on that, or if you sometimes don't have the energy to finish your runs as planned, you might want to try eating a few bites before heading out.
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