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For my purposes food is healthy if it provides required nutrients for you, you will actually eat it and you are successfully losing weight will eating it. Instead of freaking about how healthy any specific food in your diet is, worry more about the overall composition of your diet. What I mean is the reason I got overweight in the first place wasn't because I was I wasn't eating wild caught salmon instead of farmed salmon, but because I was eating too much fast food too often, drinking too many beers and too much soda too often and not eating enough fresh fish, fresh fruits or fresh vegetables on nearly enough of a regular basis. I am not saying that organic foods are bad per se, but often the more pressing immediate problem for most people is that your diet has too much fat, salt, sugar and not enough fiber in. Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. As long as the overall composition of your diet is improving, the amount of sugar, salt, fat are decreasing and the amount of fiber that you are getting from your foods are increasing, than your off to a good start. Occasionally you will have some junk food. What matter is that frequency and quantity of crappy stuff is decreasing. Because foods with less fat, sugar, salt and more fiber tend to be less calorically dense its possible to eat fewer calories of foods while still eating moderate portion sizes.
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