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Default Strange way to bake

I was at Walmart and saw something called a 'microwave brownie baking pan' on sale (crazy cheap) - and I bought it.

Took it home, tried it, following directions to make the brownie mixture, spray the pan with oil, and bake at 'high' for 10 minutes. At least, something like that...

Turned out fine. Brownies are kind of dense, so not having a light, airy product was not the aim. That's also not what I got, but it tasted good.

Next, I did the same procedure, using the pan, and using cake mix (also crazy cheap, marked-down stuff). Baked at 'high' in the microwave for 10 minutes and got a cake with a brownie-like texture. Tasted good. Didn't heat up the kitchen, was cheap, and easy to mix.

Next, I substituted egg beaters for the eggs, used olive oil and mixed up a store-bought cake mix and did the whole thing again. This time, it came out a little bit lighter, puffier. Tasted good.

Next.... I smooshed up some drained canned white beans and added them to the cake mix, along with everything else. Tasted good. Tried it again, without any egg. Tasted good. Same procedure - mix and bake. Very dense product, but just fine. I keep the cake in tupperware in the refrigerator and have it when I am craving something sweet.

And now... I'm making the same stuff....with smooshed leftover baked (roasted) carrots, white beans, goats milk and no egg, olive oil (keeps it moist so I don't eliminate the oil), and raisins.

Still tastes good. Not for the sophisticated palate or fine baker, but yummy nonetheless. High in fiber, lower in fat. Got your veggies in there. Chopped drained spinach or kale would be nice, probably. Shredded zuchhini would be a no-brainer, also lemon zest for a yellow cake, with other herbs.

Who knew that cheap microwave brownie baker would be so useful.
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