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Hi, Donna! I'd be happy to join you. I do share your approach, which has worked best for me in the past: no special "diets," just eating mostly healthy foods, tracking calories in/out and maintaining a steady daily/weekly calorie deficit to get it done.

But I would need to go at a slightly different pace. About 1.5 lbs./wk (~ 750 cal. deficit) is more reasonable for me, much as I would like to lose more quickly. That tends to mean eating 1100-1500 calories depending on how much I exercise. I guess at the 1.5 lbs./wk rate, I will be aiming to drop from 166.5 lbs. now to 155 by Oct. 24.

Exercise/fitness is a big part of my goals, too. Over the past 3 years, I've not only gained about 35-40 unwanted pounds, but also fell off the fitness wagon in a big way, and had started feeling achy, sluggish and unhealthy. Have not yet lost much weight, but am starting to get back into a routine with running, yoga and strength training, and am getting to the point where exercise feels good instead of just a struggle. Small victories!
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