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OHK. this might be harsh, but it's the truth. (dont worry, nothing about you).
My father is kind of like,him, only worse. When I'm with him, I HAVE to do what he says. if i fail, or refuse, he will scream in my face and choke me. which is the reason why i dont visit him. im not saying thats your husband. I'm saying you have what i didnt: You can stick up for yourself. if you havent already, you reallly need to get in his face.
Men like to be in control, so you need to show him he isnt the only alpha. Tell him that he doesnt know what he's talking about, that he doesnt go thru what you do. throw in meaningful things. Tell him whats bothering you AND YOU MUST YELL. this is a test of his reaction.
-if he yells back saying you're wrong, and all that basic shit, ask him that if he cant love you enough to support you, then why are you in this relationship. He doesnt want to love you; he wants to control you.
-if he serious gets aggressive, leave. i mean it. Throughout my childhood, i watched and got abused. better safe than sorry.
-If he understands.... YAY.
this might be over dramatic, but its my opinion.
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