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Originally Posted by erjomia View Post
I am trying to get on a healthy diet and want to know what would be a good and semi cheap way to go about it. It sucks that being healthy is more expensive than not. Also I have read where salmon is really good but I'm not a big fish eater. What would be a good replacement for that? Maybe tuna?
I second the advice on working the sales, but stay away from processed food, like cereal, which is usually expensive and loaded with sugar.

Do you have a freezer? If so, buy extra when things like chicken or turkey breast, or salmon filets are on sale and freeze the rest for later. Coupons for places like Subway are good, but buying a quantity of meat on sale, cooking it and slicing it up for 'lunch meat' is cheaper.

And nuts. Watch for low prices on raw, unsalted, nuts.
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