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Originally Posted by iamkathy01 View Post
I am a LONG time Atkins follower, but found (like many others) that my
fasting blood sugars were most always over 100, sometimes as high as 120.
I could never figure that out until researching and reading I found out that there is something called Gluconeogenesis and when you consume a lot of lean meats and excess protein you body learns to tranform it to GLUCOSE!

I am reading up on "The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living",
Dana Carpenters "Fat Fast" and Marks Daily Apple and realize that I totally need to cut back on protein and add more fat. I am perplexed tho, after living a low carb diet for so long how to even DO that!

Are there any others here doing this, I need HELP! I have done a "fat fast" for the past 5 days and dropped 6 3/4 pounds, but I want to transition now back to Atkins but with more fat. Thanks Everyone!
I found I have to have fats for energy as well as protein....I do about 100 g. protein or more a day, but I have fats as well...I added a green drink (I juice myself ...may sound weird but I love celery, cucumber, spinach, 1/2 lemon, a granny smith apple and ginger) I find the enzymes in it are great for my mood and energy and I feel "clean"....the celery is a diuretic too so can't go wrong....I do avos, peanut butter, occasional butter, cheese, etc as well as a whey protein (proti diet is my favorite...they make a hot cocoa powder...its low carb and low sugar...I do it in a magic bullet with almond milk (30 cal per cup!) sometimes add some instant coffee for a mocha, SF syrup or splenda....yummy

In the low carb journey, I have found it necessary to modify and not go too strict with the fats, but no more fat content than protein, less if possible, and I add L Carnitine to my supplements 500mg 2-3 time day...L Carnitine not L Acetyl Carnitine....I know the journals all say it makes no difference but I have had good luck with it for working out, and dropping fat....

I also dropped diet sodas and go for teas, water, etc.

I have to enjoy what I eat so I'm not too overly strict, but fats are indeed a necessity for me.

Another protein I found is called Nectar...I love the Fuzzy Navel with soy milk for a base...I do eggs, fish, chicken, etc.

I'm going for a steady 2 lbs a week...if I do it slowly I'm less likely to go off the path and eat something non consciously that is packed with stuff that is not good for me, hence the enjoying what I eat.

I wish you luck and hope this helps!
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