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Default Trying again

Last year at about this time I had successfully lost 50 lbs of the 140 I wanted to lose. Then life happened. I fell into a bad depression and it's super hard to stay on an eating plan when you're severely depressed. Then when I pulled out of it I had lost all motivation to start again. So now here I am now, having gained back 52 lbs. I feel horrible. Look horrible. I can't breathe, move, etc. I started talking to a nutritionist again, and I told her that I don't think I can count calories again because the main thing I remember is feeling hungry ALL THE TIME. She suggested the plate method, but since I talked to her 1 week ago I've already GAINED 2 lbs. Obviously that is not going to work for me.

It's very frustrating, too, because a couple weeks ago I put my foot down and told my family that I am no longer going to buy packaged crap like chips and cookies. I've been buying fresh fruits and vegetables. Even with snacking less, I've still gained weight. I guess the problem is that I'm an excellent cook and I love tasty food.

Since counting calories has been the only thing that has ever worked for me in the past, I am going to have to do it, even if it means feeling hungry. I cannot continue being this huge.

I also need to find the motivation to exercise. I just can't seem to do it. I lost the first 50 with counting calories only. So maybe if I exercise and allow myself a few more calories I won't feel as hungry all the time.

Any encouragement would be greatly appreciated. I have a new goal date of 12/25/14. It would be a nice Christmas present for me AND my husband to buy something slinky.
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