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Originally Posted by crysthnd View Post
I really enjoy weight watchers. They have really helped me over the years learn how to eat healthy and what that means. The only troubles I have is being HUNGRY and sometimes I cant afford my meetings!

I have never done weight watchers so I have no idea what you are allowed to eat (I guess it's for points?) but I have been restricting my cals since Dec and am rarely hungry. In fact, it seems like the few times I was hungry is days I ate high carbs. So even though I am not restricting my carbs, I am generally staying away from pasta, rice, bread etc..............because they make me hungry. Maybe that is the issue? I know that you should not be suffering from hunger.

There is lots of free services and support on line. For instance, on these forums. I don't know if that's as good as a meeting but it's something and it is free.

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