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Default Spouse being 100% unsupportive

This is about my husband. It seems like no matter what, he will do everything and anything in his power to make sure I fail, whether it be throwing a tantrum because I'm eating less than he is, constantly griping about not having "real food" A.K.A junk and bad for you foods, which I do keep in the house for him, constantly whining that he wants pizza or chinese take out (which I told him he could get but NOOOO because I'm not having any he just whines more) or like today, saying I can't go to the movies with him unless I either get popcorn or nachos, neither of which I want, and saying if I want anything to drink I MUST get a regular soda and not my usual diet soda.

I've known him for a decade, and he's 28 years old for crying out loud!

I know he's upset that I am dieting and is probably not used to it but he's acting like a CHILD! I have yet to give in or cheat on my diet, I just feel as though it's a matter of time with all his constant complaining.

I have tried telling him I really want to lose this weight and I'm doing it for my health but he tries feeding me garbage about how this diet doesn't work, this one, and that one, lots of carbs and sat. fats are really good for you and how diet soda really makes you fatter, household scales aren't accurate, weighing your food is stupid, etc.
(please no one crucify me for the diet soda, I know how bad for me it is, no need to rub it in)

Ugh what do I do?
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