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Personally I would have to say that from my own personal experiences my best tips for weight loss are:

1. Always make sure you get your five a day, no matter what. Fruit and veg are not only low in calories but high in nutrients and help your health and weight.

2. You don't have to do it religiously but count your calories, and better still do this in line with how many calories you as an individual needs to consume each day. That way you will just get into the habit of eating foods that tally up close to how much you need to either maintain or lose weight. There are loads of cool free online calorie counter websites that you can use. Calorie count has tons of foods, as does calorie king, but I like calorie-in-foods because it is easier to use and the information is clearer. Plus I love the picture menus, just looks and feels user friendly.

3. Eat enough at mealtimes so you don't snack. Just eating 3 meals a day was a chore for me at first, but after months of literally forcing myself into a better routine, I was able to do this and cut out snacking and overall this helped me lose weight.

4. get your body into a routine, go to bed and get up at the same time, this helps your metabolism and my sleep clock used to be all over the place. But I believe that settling this into a normal routine helped.

5. Get into the mindset that working out doesn't necessarily mean a hardcore session at the gym. Just walking to the store and back, or round the block once a day is going to burn some calories and help you get just that minimum amount of exercise that you should be getting each day. Walking is free and anyone can do it so there is no excuse!

I am sure most of these are repeated but I am just saying they all worked for me.

Hope this helps someone
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