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Originally Posted by iansteele View Post
I'm just hiding in the shadows while its so hot outside. The high temperature is keeping exercise to a minimum and fatty foods are on the up with ice cream being the ideal way to cool down
We make our own ice-cream:
a cup of Greek yogurt,a ripe mango, a very ripe banana, half of a whole lime (organic, with peel), a tad of ground cinnamon or cardamom or cloves or a bit of each. Optional is 1 oz of coconut rum or a tablespoon or two of raisins. Blend everything - you may want to add the raisins at the end and leave them in bigger pieces. Mangoes are so sweet, you don't need any sugar. We have a primitive manual ice cream maker, but I imagine any kind will work. The most used appliance in our house in summer!
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