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I don't disagree, I tend to pick something that I think is comparable and just throw that in there. Same thing if I eat something complex, paella for example (I have no idea if it is in there or not, just using it as an example) - there is no way I am going to go through the pain of separately adding rice, garlic, onions, tomatoes, chicken stock, green peppers, clams, shrimp, chicken, chorizo, peas, etc. etc. I'll pick something that I think is close and go with that. It is sometimes such a chore to add foods, that it makes me a little more motivated to simplify my eating.

On a somewhat related note (pain of adding foods to the list), does anyone else have problems with Fitday "hanging", particularly on the Food Log? I've tried both Internet Explorer and Chrome - it happens with both browsers, but I think only with the Fitday 2.0 interface, not Fitday Classic. It appears to be related to "long running scripts".

Anyone else see that?
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