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Kellie -thanks for the support! I am what they now consider a Type 1-1/2. Doctor said I now have Type 1 diabetes but it did not manifest itself until later in life and not as a juvenile. At first I was lumped in with Type 2s because my pancreas does produce some insulin, but it is poor quality at that. Even if I were to lose 100 pounds, I would still have bad numbers because my diabetes is not due to being overweight.

Becca, hubby is doing better. He is 45 and had a heart attack about 3-4 weeks ago. Was very scary time, he's pretty young for something like that! But family history was major factor for him. Artery is now clear again, he's feeling better now than he has for awhile . He's riding his bike again for exercise and we are both trying a more heart healthy diet. Glass of wine with dinner is encouraged! LOL Let's see how things go as our family figures out what our new "normal" is!
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