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I feel you. I have been at a plateau for about 6 months, I guess. I am fed up. I was thinking that if I just continue, it will resolve itself. Nope. So, now I am trying to zig zag my calories. In seven days, I will still average out to be approximately 1400 calories per day, but will alternate like this: Mo. 1385 cal
tues. 1217 cal
Wed. 1758 cal
thurs. 1221 cal
fri. 1142 calories
sat. 1619 cal
Sun. 1450 cal

I have just started it and after half a week(actually tomorrow will be 1 week), I believe I have lost 1 lb. We will see if it was just water weight fluctuation on the scale (that always peeves me). I am trying to make sure that my higher cal days are on the weekend (cuz my family being around always tempts me more) and on Wednesdays, which is a really tough workout day. I am also trying to keep my carbs at 50%, protein at 25 % and fat at 25% (don't know if I have to tweak that, yet).
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