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Whew, Mern, sooooo glad no one was hurt! What a way to start the day, though.

On a much lighter note, have I ever mentioned that I. HATE. TO. SWEAT????? I had taiko class last night. Even with fans going, it was hhhhhhhhoooooooottttttt. The other participants were shimmering and glistening, their faces beautifully accentuated and glowing. Me? I was a hot mess. Literally. Face all blotchy, sweat-streaks on my cheeks. Huffing and blowing and feeling, at times, like I might just melt into a sad, stinky puddle with those little cartoon squiggles arising from it. I cannot WAIT for summer to be over.

Hating to sweat is the biggest reason I don't really take to exercise. If it weren't so inconvenient (cleaning up after and oh yeah, we don't have a class anywhere nearby that I'm aware of), I'd do water aerobics only. Yes, you sweat during water aerobics, but you don't know it. Hmmmm now that I think about it, swimming in everyone else's sweat... ew... Ok, scratch that -- back to the 'puter for me.

Anyway, not too much going on here. Still didn't make a goals list (tsk, tsk, bad Epixi), but keeping to the logs and not doing toooo badly. Same old, same old; decent on calories and sodium, not so great on fiber and protein. /shrug

Hey, it's Wednesday -- happy rest of the week, everyone!
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