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Marce, welcome. So sorry to learn of your pain, but you are right that eating better can go a long way in helping to relieve some of it, as can exercise.

Robin, thanks for your kind words. I don't always have time to respond to all the posts, but when I can I'm so yacky that y'all think I do. LOL Things are so busy for me this summer with an unusual number of family gatherings and committments. I didn't have time to read our thread yesterday. Our second oldest grandson is getting married Friday and I've been trying to gather an outfit that will help camoflauge my huge belly and butt. I found one that at lease camoflauges my belly fat rolls. Just have to find shoes today. Wow, thanks for YOUR post to us backsliders. You are so right--what led to my backsliding was my own self-pity. We do need to learn to give ourselves credit for days and times we didn't backslide. Like yesterday, a couple times I almost caved but had the willpower to resist Subway cookies and snack cakes that DH bought. And I did decide yesterday it wasn't worth the cheat and decided that today I'd be totally faithful to my healthful eating plan.

Have to run errands and deal with DH wrecking his car today. Backed out of our driveway and didn't see a pickup truck coming... No one was hurt.
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