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Default um... new to all this.

so, I'm Lexxy, I'm 21, I have a 2 year old daughter, and i've been bitching about my body for the past... lifetime. nyays, I've never really done anyhing bout it, nd i guess my boyfriend's gotten tired of it, So... He issued a challenge, since i take most challenges i'm given. Anyways, I've got until oct 7 to lose 2 lbs, per his challenge, however, since i dislike being oneupped, i made myself a seperte challenge. Lose 40 lbs by than. My incentive: a 3ds and all the pokemons from gen 5 and up. He's even getting me a scale tomorrow. IK'm super excited to one up him, nd i know i will, because im the mfing lexxy. I have to do it healthily too, which worrys me, since ill be gining muscle, and that weighs more than fat.... but m gonna talk to him, and see if that can be twaeked, and tweak my own goal accordingly. I'm not intending on gaining bulk muscle, mainly just tone muscle. anyways, off to go run, or... work out, or postpone until tomorrow, since i like starting these things early, so i dont inadvertantly f myself over for the day, lol. So, any advice, support, motivation, rallying calls, whatever, i'd appreciate them all.
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