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Default empty stomach

Originally Posted by sevensix View Post
Last time I was on a health and fitness kick a couple of years ago I only ever ran on an empty stomach and it didn't (and doesn't) feel bad at all, but I'm just wondering if it's the most efficient way to burn calories (as weight loss is my primary goal at the moment, general fitness a secondary one).

Hello Sevensix,

There is no reason to eat before running, especially if you're only going a few km. The human body has enough fat in it to run way more than a marathon without a problem. Eating beforehand has two main drawbacks: you could upset your stomach and you could make yourself tired. Eating/drinking a high glycemic index food like that piece of toast will give you an energy spike and then will drop your energy level down later...right in the middle of your run. I think you'd be better off running on an empty stomach--run or race, the chemistry is the same--and then as soon as you are done, eating that piece of toast or some other high glycemic index food. Putting the egg on it would be even better, especially if you could down them within 30 minutes or so of your finishing. That's when your muscles are more "receptive" to incoming nutrition and the calories "won't count" as much as they would if you ate that meal later in the day. You don't "need" any nutrition before a run of a few km, and if you start reaching 10 km or more, you MAY want to bring a drink with you that has some calories in it. You won't NEED it (unless it's super hot out), but you might LIKE it.
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