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Default working out an hour a day

Hi Philtron,

As long as your body is telling you that things are going well, I think it is perfectly fine for you to work out 1 hour every day. As Supernu correctly pointed out, the time that you are resting is the time your body is getting stronger, but if you alternate body parts (I would suggest not doing upper on one day and lower the next. Instead I would recommend, perhaps, core work one day and upper body the next, or upper body pushing muscles plus core work one day and upper body pulling muscles plus core work the next), you should be fine. One additional suggestion: alternate the type of cardio you do every day. If you are a member of a gym, for example, perhaps you could do one day of walking, one day of biking, one day on the elliptical, one day in an aerobics class--the idea is to force your body to adapt to the new challenges you are presenting it with. If you are not at a gym and you only have your own two feet, walk at a steady pace one day, alternate 30 seconds of jogging with 30 seconds of walking another day, go up and down a hill on another day. Make every day different. This is called "muscle confusion."
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