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I wasn't sure about my goals this week, so I'm trying on this:
  • Calorie Deficit (Avg) -250/day: -429
  • Vegetables > 3 /day: 2
  • Cholesterol < 200 mg/day: 213
  • Sugar < 40g / day: 31
  • Protein > 50g / day: 84
  • Workout > 150 min/week: 60
Long term goals -
  • 1/2 inch off waist:
  • Complete 'Learning by Giving' course:
Based on an average calorie deficit of 250 cals/day, I should lose a half pound a week. I don't really care about losing weight at this point, but I'd like to rearrange a little bit of my body mass. I've worked my butt off, but my ass wasn't really an area in need of improvement. Not to mentions a couple other areas. Really just hoping to maintain and tone up a bit.

RenewedSoul: Thanks so much for raising the issue of stress in your goals this week. It gave me incentive to review suggestions for dealing with stress, too.

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