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Mike, thanks for fixing my spelling error.

Jenn, wonderful simple goals!

Robin, you are so wise to listen to your body's needs. I did not know that heat generates more discomfort and suffering for MS patients. It's my morbid obesity that causes me to feel like I'm melting in the heat. It makes me sick to my stomach. Wishing you coolness and comfort! Big hug to ya!

Episode, great to see you, too. No need to be embarrassed about not posting for a while. I hadn't posted for months and I was welcomed back with open arms--AS ARE YOU. I have to make myself move, too. Like you, I'd much rather spend my free time on the computer. I'll make myself exercise 5 days this week. How about you?

Claire, chin up--every day is a fresh start. Many of us struggle with committment to a healthy and active lifestyle. Together we can do this.

Joanna, kudos on your exercise and admirable goals! Have a great time with your friend! Best wishes on getting your paper done. I do not envy your sleeping on the ground! I'd like camping if I could put wheels on my house and move it to a campground. Adventurous, aren't I? LOL

Mel-Mc, congrats on your loss. I used to ask my Mom for a lemon meringue pie for my birthday. What day in July is it? I sent you a PM, but you can tell me your birthday here so everyone will know and we can send you good wishes on your special day.
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