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Hi! There's plenty of support on these forums - check out the motivational threads, for instance.

It is discouraging that weight loss does not get any easier with age. The themes are the same, though - moving more and eating fewer calories will make weight loss happen. There are healthy and not-so-healthy ways to 'shake it up' so those things happen, but the individual has to decide how to do it!

I'm not so impressed when I hear that a man hasn't gained weight the way a woman has. Men don't have the hormones a woman must deal with. They also are usually the people on the receiving end of good cooking, just like you're on the receiving end of good cooking when you go to a restaurant. However, all the stress is taking place in the kitchen, no matter how much the chef enjoys the job!

So, take your husband out of your diet picture and think about your own situation, not his, not yours with him. It is easier when two people share diet goals, but he doesn't need to lose weight. If necessary, work out a two-meal plan where you eat a different version of his meal, if you're doing the cooking. He won't have any complaints, I'm guessing.

Good luck!
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