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Geez, it has been so long since I last posted. Had some unscheduled things happen two weeks ago (nothing bad, just extremely time consuming), then last week I was embarrassed 'cause I hadn't posted the week before . Today, I figured it was time to put on my big girl pants and jump back in. So here I am!

Didn't do too badly food-wise over the past two weeks, but sort of slacked on the activity side. I need to get back to the physicals. Doing physical stuff is not "natural" for me -- I have to make myself do things. I'd much rather be on the computer. I guess you could say I'm whatever the opposite of hyper-active is.

Building habits is HARD (and making myself do physical stuff consistently will have to be building a habit for me) and it is sooooooo easy to let things slide. It's amazing (and rather disheartening) how much I did NOT miss doing physical stuff!

So, I hope you all had a couple of fabulous weeks! Good to see you, Mern -- thanks for starting the thread! I'll try to get some goals posted tomorrow, with a report on how today went.
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