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Congrats on deciding to take action , its the first step. Committing to make it a priority in your life is the next.

Re-work your nutrition plan, +- 40% carbs, 40% proteins, 20% healthy fats. Once you get past the first few weeks, the routine becomes easier and a part of your daily life.

I could not afford gym also, [I'll finally start going to the gym next month ] but that didn't stop me going outside, walking, swimming or riding my bike. As long as you aren't messing up too much on your diet, you will begin to see noticeable results.
I wish you the best .


Age 48, Height 5' 3"
Start date: April 22, 2013

Start weight: 150 lbs/68 kg
Current weight: 125.6 lbs/57 kg

Goal - build muscle & lower body fat
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