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Good Evening!

Day 7 of the challenge and this morning I had some sort of allergic reaction. I sweetened my morning smoothie with frozen peaches and within 5 minutes of my first sip my skin began burning and my face and neck went beat red and broke out in hives. Now I normally cut/wash/freeze my own fruits so i am wondering if perhaps this store bought frozen peaches was washed in something that i am allergic to. I am going to buy a fresh peach and have some benedryl on hand to test that theory. I have never had a food allergy before so it was pretty odd. Other than starting off on a bit of a rotten foot my day was awesome! Lots of energy, had a bit of down time and cuddled Goliath before heading off for our 4 km at the dog park. Goliath is my 4 month old English Mastiff I wish i could lose weight at the rate he gains it lol he weighed in at 57.2 lbs today! He is very lean and lanky. Okieee Dokiee now i am off topic.

I weighed in at 164.8 this morning which puts me down 8.8 lbs Sorry to the men reading this but I am near getting my period which I think may alter my losses for a few days due to water retention and hormones. BOOO for that. Life goes on. I am just sooo stoked that this weight is melting off.

I do 4 km everyday at the dog park with Goliath but i think i need to get back into the gym. I am going to start back tomorrow. I am going to get back into my weight lifting routine. Starting tomorrow is biceps/triceps. I can expect to be sore for the next week and a half or so while my body readjusts to the weights. I am going to have to amp my carbs in the smoothies a bit to compensate for the extra calories burned. I am getting plenty of protein from the eggs and all the greens.

I hope the weather gets better here soon!! We are having a very rainy summer here in Alberta! Its almost 11:00pm so I am going to sign off and hit the hay.

Good Night all,
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