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Goals for the week:

1. Over 2000 calories of exercise for the week
2. Under 12000 calories for the week
3. Under 280g fat for the week
4. Over 21 fruit/veg for the week
5. 0 alcohol

1. M-147, T-110, W-151, Th-183,
2. M-2561, T-1065, W-2180, Th-1264,
3. M-72.2, T-50.9, W-27.9, Th-48.6,
4. M-4, T-1, W-3, Th-2,
5. M-0, T-0, W-1406, Th-0,

Why did the title for this week need to be "What have you got to lose?", everytime I read that I think "my dignity".

This whole week I've fallen back on old habbits But this morning I sat down with a calculator and figured out what needs to be done to save the week.

Good job Dad on keeping with the no alcohol challenge. I see Kocia hasn't posted about it so I'm hoping I'm not the only 1 who fell short.
Don't watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going - Sam Levenson
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