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Originally Posted by jjrudd View Post
Phoned for follow-up appointment to go over my bloodwork with GP and he is booked up until August. It will be a month until I am able to see him. I would like to get my results before then!
After all the trouble you had getting that blood drawn, I don't see why you should have to wait until August for more info.

It usually only takes a few days for test results to return. I'd call and ask the nurse to mail or fax a copy of the test results, or at least quote them to you on the phone. They are usually in a form that lists the values and the 'normal,' or reference range for the test, and you should be able to at least get some idea of where you stand. And if it's complicated you have a month to look up what the terms mean, and have some questions prepared for the doc.

I always ask for copies of all the med tests I have done. Then I can compare 'my normal' against where I am now. I ask for a copy at the time I get the test, but usually have to follow up to get them. I just think it's a good thing to have a copy of all my med records. After all, they're mine, and I have an acute interest in what's going on with me.

- Donna
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