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Andrea* What is it with husbands and chips anyway???

To be honest, the reason that I stick around is because I could not possibly keep the weight off without all of you cheering me on and keeping me honest. I still use fitday to log my foods and record my weight daily, as I am adding new things back in and have found some to be better for maintenance than others.

You'll find too, once you reach your 135 (...and you will ) that the challenge doesn't end, it simply changes. People cringe when I say this, but it really is like an alcohol addiction, only with food. Once an alcoholic "dries out", the challenge isn't over. It continues. Same with food. The reason why all of us are here, is because we have, at some level, an unhealthy relationship with food and use it for reasons other than nourishment, right? There's an old saying that "losing weight is easy; I've done it a million times." lol Well, I want this time to be my last. Being accountable, here, seems to be the key for me.

Have an awesome night!


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