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Life is a journey I guess. I found out yesterday that my heart's ejection fraction is down to 30% This is not good news. In fact it means I could drop over at anytime. The only hope is to go onto a vegan diet which I have already started.

The next book and dvd "Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease", I've ordered are from a Doctor Esselstyn MD from the Cleveland Clinic who also recommends a plant-based diet, with no nuts, oils, fish, meat or dairy products. He comes highly recommended by the author of the China Study book I just read. He also is Bill Clinton's doctor who advises him on his vegan diet as well. If he's good enough for Bill Clinton, he's good enough for me. Bill Clinton is rich enough to see any doctor he wants, and this is who he chose.

The DVD I ordered is a four hour long lecture that he gives his patients on vegan diets and how they work to prevent and reverse heart disease. People pay $1000's of dollars and fly in from all over the world to attend this seminar. So to get it on a DVD for under $60 is a pretty good deal.
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