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Just got back from GB and had a perfect report from my surgeon, so I'm pretty happy today. He also has cleared me for my backpacking trip this fall! Woohoo!!! Now, I just have to regain my strength and mobility, day by day, and I should be back on track. No driving or lifting for 4 more weeks though, but I can't complain.

Did some walking in a big mall yesterday and had lunch at a little, out of the way Packer hide-out tucked out of town. Feels great to be getting back to normal!

1. Add at least 2 blocks per day until I regain my 4 mile routine. Yes, Yes-tons of walking
2. Continue to eat nothing but healthy, nutrient-rich food. Yes, No, celebrated with a huge lunch, but it was worth it.
3. Resist the urge to over-do. Yes, Yes
4. Work on strengthening weak leg; do something each day that I couldn't do the day before. Yes, Yes- great progress! Having a friend of mine (a doctor) re-evaluate the nerve damage today.
5. STAY POSITIVE!!! Don't let negative thoughts (or people) derail my recovery. Yes, Yes

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