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My wife and I have been on LCHF for 2 months. We started it because she has been trying for 10 years in lowering her triglycerides. But after only 2 months on LCHF (and no drugs), her triglycerides went from 240 to 79. Amazing when you think of all the 'bad' food (fats and calories) we've been eating.

I've read a lot on the subject (especially like Gary Taubes' books), but it still is perplexing how 'Paleo' suggests eating LEAN meat, while the LCHF recommends eating lots of fat. These don't sound like slight variations of a diet but opposites.

From what I read of other's experiences, it seems the low-carb improves blood results and energy, but it's the high fat that improves body shape and leads to weight loss. Our own experience seems to indicate that because the energy and blood results have improved dramatically but the weight is not going down. I can only surmise that we need to eat less lean meat and more fat.
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