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Default Look i came back!

Man, life sure has gotten in the way of ME in the last 3 months.
Baseball, soccer and my husband had a bit of a health scare, the last thing
I made time for was jumping around the health blogs and forums.

I've missed you all, but I haven't forgotten any of you. FitDay is the one thing that was constant and helped me during my weight loss journey. Just wanted you guys to know that I am here again, and to tell you some good news that I hope helps keep you guys motivated too.

While I stepped away from this forum, I switched to a maintenance type of diet. I didn't log or track my food and exercise, but from doing this for so long, I've gotten a pretty good idea of proper portion sizes and what to avoid. Tried not to obsess about things, if I ate a poor lunch I made up for it with a healthy dinner, etc.

I weighed in today and after 3 months of this, I am the same weight. I maintained. I cant believe it!

Listen, I still have issues with my self image when it comes to weight. I am sure this will stay with me forever. But what a pleasant surprise that I can lead a normal life for 3 months and despite all the stresses and daily struggles, I can keep my weight where it is.

This must count for something, right?

Hang in there ladies, one step at a time, just keep swimming! And talk to you soon...
Chris S.
Insulin dependent diabetic since early 2011
Start wt. 171. (dec 2011)
Current wt 143 lbs.
Goal wt. 140 lbs
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