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Had to go for fasting bloodwork this morning. I have deep veins and it took 3 people (a total of 5 pokes) to get 2 vials of blood. It's a rule that they are only allowed to try twice and then they have to get someone else. They gave me a heat pack and a glass of water. UGH!! Thankfully I don't have to fast for kidney specialist.

I go to a dietican every 6 months. They are nice people (there is also nurse too) but we don't really have anything to talk about since I know--eat healthy (watch carbs), exercise and drink water. The last time I went she didn't even look at the food log. I told them I had lost weight and the nurse said "oh, how did you do that?" Not "good for you". I really wish Drs and dieticans focused more on healthy eating than taking a pill.

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