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Of course the first day of any diet is the day you want to eat EVERYTHING. And unless you totally cleaned out your cupboards the house is FULL of stuff you shouldn't eat. When I started back up on my diet after Christmas, the husband and I joined a "Biggest Loser Couples" game a friend put together. Anyway the first day of the competition rolled around and I was like "oh crap, I'm supposed to start dieting today and I have NO DIET FOOD IN THE HOUSE!". Just take it step by step. The horrible thing about most diets is that there is this expectation of a cold turkey start, which is almost doomed to fail. It's too much change at a time for anyone to stick to long term. So maybe you need to approach it more like a weaning process, cut back a little here and then a little there, and don't move on until each step is accomplished and old habit.
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