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Default Go-to workout/exercise music

I decided I probably need to expand my itunes library to get me through some of the longer walks and other exercise activities. So I thought maybe I'd get some ideas from others for their go-to artists or songs.

I should start by saying I am a child of the 70's. I listen to some from the 60's, lots of 70's, lots of 80's, quite a bit from the 90's, but slowing down on the last 10 years of top 40. I have a really wide range of music that I listen to - pretty much anything except current hip-hop, techno, and latest top-40 stuff.

Taking a quick scroll down my library, here are some of the exercise tunes I ran thru tonight at the gym:

Earth, Wind, & Fire (Fantasy, Serpentine Fire, etc.)
Bon Jovi (Livin on a Prayer, Who Says You Can't Go Home)
Boston (More Than A Feeling)
U2 (Pride)
O'Jays (Peace Train)
Kenny Chesney (Beer in Mexico, Don't Happen Twice)
Sara Evans (Born to Fly)
Fleetwood Mac (The Chain)
Jason Aldean (Don't You Wanna Stay)
Coolio (Gangster Paradise)
Rev Theory (Hell Yeah)

So I am pretty much all over the map.

What about you? What's in your wallet? (I mean, What's in your tunes library?)
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