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Originally Posted by Kocialapcia View Post
@ Dad and Ian:

I know I am more of an enabler than a supporter... I have to work harder on that part. However...'s 3:30 pm in New York and I'll be going home in 20 minutes and I guess I need to know really soon what you guys are planning to do about our little seven-day abstinence... (SEVEN (!) ) I would really need to know, like, within two hours?! By 5:30 the whole plan might become a mere memory!

You go ahead with the plan and I'll watch in awe and learn from you and maybe join you next time, but for now... Too scary! Please?

geez... talk about performing under pressure.

Ok - I'll stick with my original answer. I'm in - no booze for a week.

Besides - I need to punish myself after being pretty bad over the long 4 day weekend.
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