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Mike, I'm sorry about your friend, too. So sad...

Claire, that's quite a calorie deficit. Congrats, but are ya hungry? Maybe such a huge deficit is what's making you feel run down? Feel better soon!

Donna and Mike, thanks for your kind words. My new avatar is from a pic taken a couple years ago, but I do wear my hair just slightly longer now and with my bangs just above my eyebrows. I changed my avatar because my face in this picture looks like me now--a few years older and several pounds heavier than my old avatar. I figure if I'm going to show my face, I want my pals to see the real me.

Donna, I combine my fruit and veggie goal since a registered nurse told me I can get the same nutrition from veggies as I do from fruit. Cholesterol 465? Is that a typo? If not, what did you eat? I'd kill for a McDonalds Quarter Pounder with Cheese and a big bowl of ice cream right now BUT I'm gonna be good and stay on track.

RenewedSoul, wow!!!!! Too bad we don't have a prize for the best report this week. You'd win hands down!!! I wanna be like YOU when I "grow up."

Kocialapcia, well, way to go on the exercise! That's wonderful. 1000 calorie deficit for the week is better than 1000 surplus for the week, so give yourself credit for that.

Joanna, congrats on your accomplishments this week. Sorry about the storm. If you don't get it in, you'll know you had good intentions.

Robin, well done on your goals this week. Bears coming after garbage in the city! Yikes! Best wishes for a good outcome of your five hour trip to the specialist for your son's eyes.

Mel-Mc nice job this week. Aw, that's a sweet tribute to your mom on her potato salad. My grandkids tell me I make the best grilled cheese sandwiches but a monkey could probably do that. LOL

I did fine on my goals today but didn't log my food into the nutrition tracker. I know I'm fine on everything except protein, which may be too low.
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