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Update on goals for this week:

- two extra, non-running workouts -
M: 25 min DVD workout
T: 20 min walking up and down stairs at work
Th: 4 hour hike DONE

- overall 1,000 calorie deficit for the week - Ha, ha, ha - FitDay generously calculated 1,147 cal for the hike, and combined with the calories from the run on the same day I got over 1,600 from exercise on July 4th, and then it kind of went downhill from there...
For the remaining days the planned deficit quickly turned into a surplus - not a huge one, but a surplus nevertheless. I am not even stepping into the room where the scale is!

- walking challenge - 10 miles - M: 2.5 mi, T: 3 mi, W: 3.3, Fri: 2 DONE
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