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Default 6 weeks in

I'm just finishing out my first 6 weeks of more or less following the Eat to Live diet. I say more or less because I've used my share of non ETL salad dressings, and some oil for stir fry. That was the compromise I had to make with myself. If I was going to increase my veggie intake I needed to make them as palatable as possible. :-)

I am an unlikely nutritarian in that I'm not especially fond of vegetables and even less so of beans! It is true that that tastes do change as you stick with it, and lentils are a really good gateway to eating beans. Another thing that I've found is that the more salad I eat, the better I feel and the quicker I lose the weight - especially now that I'm using much lower calorie dressings.

So I started off wanting to drop 25lbs, get control over my food cravings, and just generally feel better. In the first six weeks, I took off 15 of those pounds, quickly eliminated the food cravings, and I definitely feel better. I'm so much less preoccupied with food, and for the first time in my adult life, I'm no longer addicted to caffeine. ETL has exceeded all of my expectation and will definitely become a lifestyle choice for me.
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