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Kwest85blue, congrats on reaching your goal weight! Best wishes on the maintaining and toning and stuff.

Donna, your comments on the grocery store race made me LOL. I'll be on the sidelines cheering them on--hope you don't get run over flagging them in! I can go higher cholesterol than you, but the sat fat in cheese gets me. As Cassie reminded me, it's all about averages. You'll be able to balance out the effects of the cheese and BBQ beef tomorrow or the next day. I just have the basic membership of FitDay, too. I'm glad you found some way to track your sugar.

Robin, you're right--usually there are very few weekend warriors here. Thanks for sharing in my happiness about the new fridge. I can't wait until Monday. We had an outside kitchen wall and the ceiling redone last year for added insulation and had it repainted, so with the new fridge it'll look like a new kitchen. I live in the midwest in the USA and scooters are available at all the big grocery stores, grocery warehouses and Walmart for free use by customers. Your still hanging on to that battery cracks me up. You gonna stick it in the scale to weigh yourself Monday morning and then take it back out again for another week? LOL Kudos on your workouts this week--and on the cleaning. The bears would have kept me from the trail. I've only seen bears in movies/TV and at the zoo, but I think I'm probably more afraid of snakes.

Mike, is your buddy in a wheelchair the policeman who was shot? My cousin was a paraplegic from an accident when we were both 17. He weighed over 300 lbs. and his parents took care of him until his dad died and his mom came down with Alzheimer's. Then he spent the rest of his years in a nursing home.

Mel-Mc great idea on your point system to earn books. Our temp here is so nice and breezy and cool. Wish I could share that with you.
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