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Originally Posted by Mern View Post
Donna, way to go on your cholesterol all week!
Thanks, probably around the time you were writing that I was blowing past my cholesterol limit for the day, with cheese, & apple. I forgot just how much chol. is in cheese, and thought the protein would make a good after workout meal. Oh well, dinner (BBQ beef) will make it even worse.

Originally Posted by Mern View Post
How do you track your sugar intake?
Um ... I really shouldn't say. I'm not afraid of Mike's hammer so much as the grandparent of Fitday (H&F) is notorious for filing lawsuits. [They've been known to file suit against the users of the forums on their other web sites, (alledgedly Slapp suits), they've sued their (ex-)developers, and well, I'm not much of one for litigation.] Let's just say that I really like using the forums on Fitday. I think they have a good site.

Since the time that I was informed that Fitday had no plans to add sugar to their logging application and database (April?), I cancelled my premium membership and use another method for tracking my food and activities.

But I really appreciate the other members of this forum, and continue to generate user content on this site. If IB were to add sugar tracking to their food journal app, I would return as a premium member, because Fitday does have some advantages over other options. Tracking sugar just isn't one of them, and that is very important to me as a user.

Originally Posted by Mern View Post
I gotta beef up my exercise. I could easily add some jumping jacks or marching in place several times a day for just a couple minutes at a time to help keep my metabolism up.
Yeah! Don't we all!

- Donna
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