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Originally Posted by Mern View Post
Quinn, LOL on your shopping race on the scooter at the grocery store. I'll bet that got the mean guy good with getting him on the heel. I actually had a young Walmart employee ask me several months ago if I'd like to use a scooter as he was driving it in from the parking lot. I just chuckled and told him i was fine, but to ask me again in a couple months. Kudos on the lap around Home Depot. Those places are huge!

We're going out for dinner tonight to Bob Evans, a home cooking restaurant where I can eat very nicely on plan.

Got my new fridge ordered and it'll be delivered Monday already. I showed DH on the Internet the one I found on sale that was the same size we have now. But I also saw one I REALLY wanted that had a freezer 50% bigger than our current one that I didn't show him until we went to the appliance store. Sneaky, but it worked. Nothing real fancy--and we're just moving up from 18.2 cubic feet to 21.1 cubic feet. But the cold food section had several features DH really liked that we didn't have in our 19 year old fridge so I didn't even have to talk him into it.
Way to go on the new fridge! Umm... can you come here and talk my hubby into replacing my 19 year old fridge??

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