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Just a quick check-in while I take my mid-day break...

Last night was so hysterical! I haven 't laughed that much in weeks. Hubby and I went to a very quiet diner for broiled cod. Afterwards, he was suppose to drop me off at home and go grocery shopping. He said he could handle the weekly shopping, but after he asked me a few questions about my list, I knew the poor thing didn't have a chance. lol

So, after dinner, he said jokingly, "You should just ride around on one of those Rascal Scooter things!" And that's just what I did! lol I had so much fun! OMG! I was beeping my horn and terrorizing the whole store. I don't think I 've ever laughed so hard in all my life! We ripped the list in half and had a race. Final tally: I had 36 items to his 4.

Went out to breakfast this morning and then I did a lap around Home Depot while hubby shopped... on foot this time.

So, Mike, I don't know about go carts, but I challenge you to a Walmart Rascal Scavenger Race! LOL Mern, you too! Can't you just see this?! The First Annual Fitday Rascal Run for injured Fitday Members! There was only one mean guy who said that I needed to stay to the right, but I got him back by running into his heel...

Have a great day!


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